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Author:  Wateva [ Wed Feb 06, 2013 5:52 am ]
Post subject:  Donations..

Why not think about a donation to the site?

So far I've created a donation link for the site only.. As soon as I can I'll post the donation links for Wisling and noen.
Why both? Well, Wisling is the guy who really puts work on releasing new TibiaAuto versions for us, so think about buying him a beer. :) I'll move a part of donations to Wisling anyway. Most of the donations will go towards paying for the server. If you wish to donate to Wisling alone, the donation link is on the end of this post.

Noen is added to the list because of his invaluable work with Python scripts so I think he deserves at least a chance to get donations. :)

The donate button/link is just up there after "View your post" and before "FAQ" on the top.

Thanks in advance to any donations.

Recap: donations towards the server maintenance have to be through PayPal.
Donations to Wisling are his and his alone. Same goes to noen.

We are a free community and will continue to be for as long as we can and we will never force you to pay/donate just to use the bot. 

Donate to Wisling so he can feel enthusiastic with our community.

Thank you very much, 
The TibiaAuto team.

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